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Bimal, founded in 1984, designs and builds test stands. Thanks to an endless development of firm structure, today it is well known as a landmark in the field. The spirit of Bimal's continuous growth is to seek to give Customer always more exhaustive and customized product service. According to this Bimal has invested a lot of resources and, as one between few companies in the sector, can boast a modern and complete technical know-how for analysis, development and design about all test stand technology: from mechanics to the complete development of software.

Bimal produces test stands for:
Laboratory tests
Production tests
Bimal work for
Subjects of tests generally are:
Hydraulic components
( pumps, motors, valves,
hoses, fittings, radiators etc )
Drove components
( clutches, brakes gears etc )
Ful drive lines
Mechanical components
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